The General Manager of Newtesol participated in the 18th Technical Sessions on Welding, organized by CESOL, The Spanish Association of Welding & Joining Technologies. The sessions took place from the 20th to the 22nd of October 2010 at the E.T.S Industrial Engineering School in Madrid, Spain.

The purpose of the sessions was to exchange knowledge and experiences between those people interested in welding techniques. The structure of the sessions was as follows:

  • Welding processes, training, tests and inspection
  • Welding processes, training, tests, inspection and transportation: aeronautics, naval, rail, automotive
  • Materials and their weldability, filler metals
  • Chemical, petrochemical, power generation and refinery sectors

The last day of the sessions a series of communications were presented, including one of Newtesol regarding ASME III Certification NPT Stamp (nuclear).